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Keeping Your Body Guessing With Garcinia Cambogia

This year, when New Year’s resolution time came around, I knew I had to make a commitment to lose weight. Not only did I want to get fit, but also I wanted to lose weight fast. So far I’ve dropped ten pounds, which is exceptional because when I began, I was already under my recommended BMI. The key to my weight loss has been to keep my body guessing.

I learned long ago that starvation diets only work for a few weeks, even with the willpower of a saint. If I cut calories to less than 700 a day, within three weeks, I stopped seeing weight loss. This is because my metabolism adjusted to the lower intake. This year, when I began my weight loss journey, I began following a diet and exercise plan known as the Russian Gymnast Diet. The key is to vary the caloric intake each day, and also vary the exercise. While the diet carefully balances the vitamins and calories I need to prevent muscle damage, it also does not allow my body to plateau, and stop losing weight.

Another great tip I’ve been utilizing with my garcinia cambogia extract diet has been to repeatedly drain water bottles each day. Our bodies tend to hold more water when we do not consistently drink plenty. So, I started drinking between a liter and a liter and a half each day. This has definitely increased bathroom trips, but it has also kept a steady flow of water through my body, eliminating stagnant water weight. I have known friends to drop as many as three pounds at once by increasing their water intake.  All this helps when reading garcinia cambogia reviews for weight loss.

I exercise five to six days a week, with the bulk of my workout being cardio based. My exercise of choice is running, and my weekly mileage is now up to about thirty-five miles. I also take advantage of online workout videos and aerobics.

The best way to lose weight fast is to make a commitment to losing weight and stick to it. Engage in a routine and do not stray. For me, strict discipline in my diet and exercise has been key. Kate Moss, the queen of thin, was spot on when she said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

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